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About Deck Cleaning

Deck cleaning methods depend on the type of lumber we will be cleaning, and just like you wouldn't wax your car before cleaning, you wouldn't want to apply a sealer or stain to any deck that hasn't been properly cleaned first.

A clean surface ensures proper adhesion of the sealer or stain, it helps with the longevity of any finish applied, and most importantly; it conforms with manufacturers application speifications regarding terms of the warranty.

Depending on what type of material or lumber your deck is made of, cleaning a deck can be done in two ways:

* Power Washing / Pressure Cleaning

* Hand Washing

Our company provides Deck Cleaning services in the Woodbridge Virginia area.

We clean all kinds of decks, to include; composite decks, decks built with yellow or white pine, and cedar.

We are experts at cleaning decks made with exotic and Brazilian hardwoods, such as mahogany, Ipe, and redwood. 

If you live in the Woodbridge Va area and are looking for expert deck cleaning services, we are the qualified deck cleaning contractors you have been looking for.


 Pressure Washing Decks

In the hands of an experienced professional, pressure washing a deck is a very common and efficient way to get your deck cleaned.

The pressure of water alone is used, there are no chemicals or detergents, and your deck will not be harmed in the process.

Say goodbye to your old gray looking deck filled with mold spores, pollen, tree sap, dirt and grime. Say hello to a brand new looking deck, ready for sealer or stain.

Our pressure washing machine hooks up to your existing outside water spigot.

 Pressure washing LUMBER decks

 Pressure washing COMPOSITE decks

Composite decks are made from lumber pulp, plastics and resins, then compressed in a mold to resemble real lumber.

Composite decks are supposed to be maintenance free, and for the most part, they are. 

However, composite decking still can collect algae and mold, and they can get dirty over time.

Power washing or pressure cleaning removes all of this.

Our pressure washing machine hooks up to your existing outside water spigot.

 Hand Washing Decks

Hand Washing decks

Hand washing a deck means exactly that.

Certain types of lumber don't like to be cleaned with water pressure, so we break out our big buckets  & scrub brushes, add a little bit of environmentally safe cleaning detergent, and a whole bunch of elbow grease. 

We wash, rinse, inspect, and then wash again where we need to. This gentle washing uses a a simple garden hose to rinse so that we don't harm the lumber.

Hand washing a deck usually involves an exotic or soft wood, such as this IPE decking pictured on the left.

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Woodbridge Va Deck Cleaning

Our deck cleaning services are available throughout most of Northern Virginia, including; AldieAlexandriaAshburnBristowBurkeCentrevilleChantilly
and Woodbridge to name a few.