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Who is the "Best" Painter / Painting Contractor?

Who is the "Best" Painter / Painting Contractor?

The year is 2018, and the new book(s) of the top rated / best contractors has just arrived in the mail!

Who is the "Best" painting contractor in YOUR neighborhood?

Marketing companies tell you that "they've done all the work for you!"

They whould have you believe that they do "polls", they've interviewed thousands of homeowners, they've done their research!

...but this is a complete lie, and people fall for it. It's actually a HUGE money making scam.

Once again, we received a few of the yearly "Best" contractors in our area for the year of 2018 - junk mail catalogs.

...and once again, WE aren't even listed!

Why's that?

Well, as it turns out, these yearly junk mailers are in business to make MONEY.

These marketing agencies charge contractors big money to be listed in their book of the "best"; the more money a contractor pays; the higher rank they get in their book or the top listing.

Personally, we would never even call anyone listed in these fake mailers - it shows us that the contractors paid money to be listed as "the best", and is a deceitful liar.

Why would I give business to someone who has already demonstrated that they are openly willing to deceive?

"...but they're  a  "member" of that business that monitor's businesses and grades them from "A" to "F"!

They have a grade "A" rating - they must be good!"

Yeah, maybe...

In today's world, you can PAY to be rated number one in magazines, catalogs, online, etc - even on websites that claim they do non biased reviews.

There is a company that's been around for decades - you know what I'm talking about.

This company has a reputation with everyone to be non biased, they rate businesses from "A" to "F", and keep records of complaints and resolutions. People often won't even hire a contractor unless they are a member.

This "non biased" company that once eyeballed companies and held strict standards, (that you grew up trusting) as the single source for "who is legit and trustworthy", is now just making money from the highest bidder. Contractors who have a "bad" grade with them can easily pay money and get an "A" rating (This applies to all those other contractor referal businesses advertised on T.V. as well).

...but MONEY is more important than ethics, and they chose MONEY over ethics. There is an online story regarding how In 2010, ABC news show, 20/20 conducted an investigation into their shady doings.

Just because someone rates a contractor as "the best", or has them listed in their magazine as top rated, grades them with an "A", or gives them a gold star

...doesn't always mean it's true.