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The Painting Franchise

The Painting Franchise

Realizing that the painting market is a 10 billion dollar a year industry, advertisers and investors came up with the "Painting Franchise" sometime in the mid 1980's; so they could get their share of that big money pile, if not simply corner the market.

In the beginning, the painting franchise strategy of offering the consumer a cheaper priced paint job by subcontracting the work out to cheap unqualified labor, caused many real painters and painting contractors to go out of business; because the real professionals just couldn't compete with their low ball pricing.

A franchisee buys into a Painting franchise.

The franchisee pays the franchise a large sum of money to use the name of the company, and they pay monthly or yearly fees (or both) to be adverised, and to continue using the company name and logo.

A franchisee doesn't need to be a painter, and most often, the franchisee owner knows very little of the painting trade. Many of them have never even held a brush in their hand, and it is rare that you would actually find one on the job applying paints.

A franchisee's job is to dress nice and meet potential clients.

A franchisee does the networking, they negotiate contracts and land sales; they are advertisers and marketers.

To keep project costs and overhead costs low, a franchisee does not have employees who work for them, they more than often subcontract all their work out; usually to college kids or illegal day laborers - licensed or not, insured or not.

Back when the painting franchise was first introduced, they were counting on you to accept their unbelievable low priced bid (and people did - and they grew), often with contract in hand for you to sign while you were all excited about having a "crew" of "professionals" coming out to do the work at such a bargain price.

Painting franchises are now very common, and you can hear their advertisements on the radio, or they will mail you a letter introducing themselves and their company.

They use words that are sweet to your ears;

"My services", "I have worked in your community for years", "career professional painters", "your painter for life", etc..

- and they offer all the same services that a real painter does.

• None of them are a choice that any "educated consumer" would make.
• None of them are "certified" pro.
• None of them are "multi star".
• None of them employ professional painters.

They are franchises. They advertise a service, land the work, then sub-contract everything out to the lowest bidder. They're a tricky bunch; often having their sub-contractors wear T-Shirts with THEIR company logo - or maybe a magnetic company sign on the vehicle - to make it appear as though it's THEIR "crew".

...and the people these franchisees find to do the work; could care less if it's done the right way; because they are so underpaid. They subs get paid for a completed project, they are not paid hourly, so the price to do the work is already determined.
...meaning; if they need more paint or materials, they aren't going to pay out of pocket to do the job right.

Painting franchises are eagerly taking full advantage of the un-educated consumer, the hungry illegal day laborers, and they are in an industry they don't belong in - just to make a dollar.

Considering hiring a painting franchise?

Ask them two things;
"who will be doing the work?"
"Please show me your employees insurance documentation."