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The Fake Painter and his Fake Painting Company

The Fake Painter and his Fake Painting Company

It's real easy to make a professional looking business card, create an absolutely FREE website, and join a web networking and/or business website(s). Professionals do it all the time,

...and so do the scam artists.

The fake painter is a person who is trying to pass as a REAL painter, or pass as a LEGITIMATE painting company; to get make money, and fortunately for you; they are easy to spot.

Ask for a License number

All painters, painting contractors and painting companies who contract for money; MUST have a business license, this is the LAW in every State.

Having a business license means the business owner's name and his business is recorded at the State level. It means that if they don't do a good job, or they take your money and don't show up, or you need to file a complaint against them; YOU CAN, and there's a certain amount of protection for the consumer.

But if they don't have a license, you have no protection, and you can't complain - because they don't exist!

...and they are breaking the Law!

Check their Reviews where ever you can find them

Some "reviews" are real, while many are completely fake. Check the name of the person giving the review, look at reviews on their Facebook page. Read more about "Fake Reviews"

Look at their business Facebook profile.

You can see how long they've been in business / creating posts, you can see how many people "like" them, you can read their reviews.

Look at their website photographs of "their" work.

Many fake painting companies search the web and steal awesome pictures from legitimate companies who actually take photgraphs of their projects. These fakes and fraudsters post someone else's work on THEIR OWN website, tricking you to believe that THEY did that.

This is a highly unethical practice, and it happens all too much - and it's a RED FLAG  that they are more than willing to trick and deceive you, this shows you that they are a LIAR!

Look at their company Facebook page and see if you can find that awesome picture and the entire project, a true painter is always proud to post his/her ENTIRE projects on their business Facebook page.

We find these people stealing OUR images all the time; by right clicking the image and having Google search for similar images - and whoa; there's OUR work posted on SOMEONE ELSE'S website!