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The Fake Painter and his Fake Painting Company

The Fake Painter and his Fake Painting Company

It's real easy to make a professional looking business card, create an absolutely FREE website, and join a web networking and/or business website(s). Professionals do it all the time,

...and so do the scam artists.

The fake painter is a person who is trying to pass as a REAL painter, or pass as a LEGITIMATE painting company, and fortunately for you; they are easy to spot.

ALL painters, painting contractors and painting companies who contract for money; MUST have a business license, this is the LAW.

Having a business license means the business owner's name and his business is recorded at the State level. It means that if they don't do a good job, or they take your money and don't show up, or you need to file a complaint against them; you can, and there is a certain amount of protection for the consumer.
But if they don't have a license, you have no protection, and you can't complain - because they don't exist.

Beware! There are too many so called "painters" who pass out business cards advertising their so called "buisness".

Make sure you always ask your painter or contractor for their business license number, and then look them up on your State's DPOR (Department of Occupation and Regulation), the one for Virginia is:
You can look them up by using their license number, or their business phone number, or their business name, or the owner's name.
If they don't exist, they are not qualified to do the work, you have no protection, and they are breaking the LAW.