The FACTS on Deck Sealing / Staining

The FACTS on Deck Sealing / Staining
The main, number one goal in sealing a deck (or fence); is to keep water out.
The second goal; is to protect the lumber from the sun's harmful U.V. rays.
Springtime rains are just the beginning...

Water is the NUMBER ONE enemy of lumber, and if your deck is not sealed, it is the beginning of a chain reaction that is the cause in the destruction of your deck.

Once water gets into the lumber, it starts to break it down.

Springtime rains saturate lumber that is not sealed.

It makes the wood fibers soft, expanding the pores, collecting tree pollen, dirt and grime, encouraging the growth of mold and algae; which discolors the lumber, and then eventually as the lumber degrades; insects such as ants, termites and carpenter bees move in..

It's a sun shiney day...

The hot summer sun shines down upon you deck, baking the lumber.

Harmful ultra violet rays eat away at your deck daily, the morning sun evaporates up any moisture, drawing it out, and the afternoon sun shows no mercy, which causes your decking lumber to crack and splinter. This repeated process of water in the lumber followed by the sun drying it out; is precisely how you get boards that are cupping, warping and bowing.

Walk'in in a winter wonderland...

Wintertime arrives and you failed yet again to seal your deck.

Snow comes down and collects. As it slowly melts; the lumber acts like a sponge, soaking it all up. Cold freezing temperatures cause the water in the lumber to expand as it turns to ice, making the lumber expand also, pushing out the wood pulp between wood rings, opening up cracks bigger, causing further destruction.

...and when Springtime comes around, your deck is falling apart.


Without a sealer or stain to protect your deck, you are inviting nature to destroy it.

Inevitably, your deck will not last forever, but just as you can live a longer and healthier life if you take care of yourself, you can also extend the life of your deck just by doing some occasional preventive maintenance by applying some sort of protective finish.

WHO is Qualified to be Cleaning & Sealing a deck (or Fence)?

A Painter is qualifed, and is the best person to clean and seal your deck.

Long before there were specialized companies advertising deck cleaning and sealing, ONLY painters did this, it was (and still is) part of the painting trade.

Back in the early 1980's, someone decided to start up the first specialized company to clean and seal decks, and things took off from there. Now everyone seems to know how to do this.

...but a painter is still the best choice to have your deck cleaned and sealed; it' what us painters do!