Our house painters service most of Nothern Virginia, including; AldieAshburnAlexandriaBristowBurkeCentrevilleChantillyCliftonDumfriesFairfaxFairfax StationGainesvilleGreat FallsHaymarketHerndonManassasMcLeanLeesburgOaktonRestonSouth RidingSpringfieldVienna, and Woodbridge to name a few.

Painting Inc is a qualifed and licensed painting contractorserving Northern Virginia."Qualified" means that we have been doing this for a long time and have the knowledge and experience in applying finishes of all kinds. It means we are licensed to do this.

When you think of "painters", you probably think of someone who applies paint to something.

...but there is more to it than that.

About Painters

"Fine feathers make fine birds", but a pair of painter's pants and a paint brush does not make someone a painter, anymore than putting on a nice dress suit can make someone a Lawyer.

"Painters" is what marketing people advertise on the web. "Painters" is a keyword that you might type into your browser to find someone to paint something, but what are painters - really?

A painter is someone who owns the title, someone who has spent a long time in the painting field; learning how to prepare surfaces, learning how to apply finishes of all types. A painter is not just someone who has a job and does it for a living, but it is what they are.

It has been said by many; "anyone can paint", and although it is not rocket science, it does require knowledge of the painting trade. It requires some craftsmanship and artistic skills, a bit of patience, and a personal satisfaction of knowing that the project you just accomplished was done properly and to the best of your ability.

Anyone can "slop a brush", but not everyone is a painter.

The history of Painters

There is not much documented regarding the trade of painters prior to the 13th century, however, in 1502; the Lord Mayor of London formed: "The Worshipful Company of Painter / Stainers Guild", which protected the trade secrets of paint formulas and application methods so that not "just anyone" could pick up a brush and call themselves a "painter" without having proven their talent and recieved recognition from the guild.

In the United States early 1900's, people who claimed that they were "painters" most likely were.

Back in those days a painter had the highest respect of the community and their peers, because owning title of "painter" meant that that individual had mastered everything that was part of the trade, such as; mixing paints with talcs and tints, matching colors, wall repairs (plastering at the time), surface preparation (scraping, sanding, priming) and applying finishes mainly by brush. 

Many "Masters" of the painting trade not only provided painting services to the community, but they also mixed and sold their own paints to consumers who wanted to paint their own homes themselves.

Prior to the 1990's, there once was something called a "painter's helper". The painter's helper's job requirements were basically to assist the painter and learn the trade. A helper had to learn how to properly clean a brush and store it, they learned how to use sandpaper, chinking or caulking and how to mix paint usint talcs and / or tints. A painter's helper might lay out the tools and canvas cloths, clean up the work site, apply glue to wallpaper, or deliver cold drinks or coffee and sandwiches for the work crew.

A helper did tasks that didn't require a skilled craftsman; all while watching and learning the trade. As a helper mastered new skills, their duties might change, and they might recieve a pay increase, but they were still under the watchful eyes of the painter.

...but it's not like that anymore, things have changed.

Regardless of background, experience and / or any knowledge of the painting trade, many people seem to think that just by wearing a pair of painter's pants; they are magically transformed into a qualified painter. They seem to think that all you need to do is to print a fancy business card and that's supposed to mean something.

Contrary to what you might believe, painters are rare these days, and the painters helper is more or less extint. People today just simply jump right into the trade and procalim; "I am a painter", and due to all of the competition that currently exists, painting is being sold at a cheaper discounted price - because - hey; "anyone can do it."

...but that's not true.