Latex Deck Stains & Sealers

Latex Deck Stains and Latex Deck Sealers

Latex deck stains and latex deck sealers are actually a "spin off" of latex paint.

Before you can understand what a Latex deck stain or sealer is; you first need to understand what "paint" is, then you need to understand what "latex paint" is, and then finally you will understand what "Latex Deck Stains & Sealers" are.

"Paint" is defined as; "any liquid or mastic composition that; after application to a substrate - in a thin layer, converts to a solid film."


"Paint" is:

"a substance composed of solid coloring matter suspended in a liquid medium and applied as a protective or decorative coating to various surfaces."

So...what is Paint?

The term: "Latex Paint" is a generic label referring to any water based paint made using "acrylic" resins, "vinyl" or "styrene" as a binder - even though there is no real "Latex" rubber in ANY paint that says it is "Latex Paint".

(Still with me?)

"Acrylic resin" is a common ingredient found in latex paints, made with a chemical base that give it elasticity. The more acrylic you make your paint with, the better quality the paint will be, the more elastic, the more sheen level (or gloss) of the paint.

...and now "Latex Paint" (stay with me)
Latex Stains and Latex Deck Sealers

Latex deck stains and latex deck sealers were created in demand from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to replace other types of non-environmentally friendly (and non VOC compliant) deck stains and sealers.

In reality, what they really are is; a thinned down version of latex paint, whether it be a "solid" or "semi solid" deck stain.

These types of stains and sealers are pushed and promoted onto the public as "the best thing you could put on your deck", HOWEVER:

They are actually the WORST thing to put on your deck; including the ones that are supposed to resurface your deck.

• Latex deck stains / deck sealers do not penetrate the lumber, but are considered a "surface coating" (just like paint).
• Due to the high acrylic content, latex deck stains & sealers do not "breathe" properly, meaning the moisture that gets in - can not get out!
• Latex stains & latex sealers do not always adhere to raw un-primed lumber - even though most labels tell you that "priming" is not required.
You CAN expect your latex deck stain or latex deck sealer to peel, flake away, and grow mold over time.
  You CAN expect your deck to crack, split, warp and fall apart over time.
Those who already have a latex product on their deck either must remove it entirely and do it correctly, or they have no option but to re-apply this stuff and do touch ups almost yearly.