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Interior Painting Galleries

Garage Painting / Floor with epoxy

Did this garage, finished the floor with epoxy. Did repairs first, painted everything with a semi-gloss, two coats - one primer, one finish, then did the floor.

Interior Painting of Sun Room & Kitchen at Brian's house

We painted just about all of Brian's house.

We did his fence first, then we did his Living room and Kitchen. We later painted his Master bedroom, bathroom, upstairs hall and stairwell. The last thing we did for Brian was his entry foyer and exterior. This album is his Sun Room and Kitchen.

Living room & Kitchen painting

We removed nine speaker jacks, repaired the drywall, fixed all blemishes we could find, then painted the ceiling, then the walls.

Doctor's Office

This is the  Sendi Cosmetic Surgery Center in Alexandria. Great people working there!

Their crown mold, chair guards, baseboards and even door frames were green, we made it all white, and then painted the walls throughout in a relaxing blue, while the back rooms that were hospital green, were painted a warm purple.

Bathroom Painting

Had a lot of repairs here, then painted the bathroom. Went from dark blue - to light blue.

Ben's Living Room

Didn't get many pics of this, wish I did.

Nat's Master Bedroom

Once again, not enough pictures. Did Nat's Master Bedroom, had a lot of repairs, then painted two coats of eggshell. Lighting is bad, sorry bout that.

This was fun

Can't remember who this client was, but it was a good time. Had a few drywall repairs to do. When all was said and done, we went from blue to green - and the home owner was thrilled.

Frawley's Garage

We painted this garage for Mr. Frawley.

Mr. G's bedrooms

We painted a few bedrooms for Mr. G.

Mr. Weber's Interior Painting Project

We painted Mr. Weber's house before he move in. Lots of repair to be made, a few color changes. Carpet was being replaced, so we didn't have to worry about using drop cloths to cover the floors - except for the kitchen and hallway floors.

Williams Kitchen...I remember that.

Painted the WIlliam's Kitchen many years ago, oh the fun! I remember a section of the cieling that didn't line up. I fixed that, I also painted the cabinets, ceiling, walls. ...alot of stuff had to be repaired (drywall repairs), What a good time had by all.

Marc's House

Marc was a great client of mine, he had me maintenance his deck yearly, I painted the exterior of his house, I did his picket fence, and I was the one who took care of his interior painting when he had to move away. I will miss him.

He didn't like the textured wall at his fireplace and asked me to make it look normal - no problemo.

I then went through his entire empty house and made every thing look nice so he could sell it.