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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Greetings Friend.

It is not that we want to make people jump through hoops, but the world is not the way it once was, and in order to weed out those who are going to waste their own time and ours, we have created this page so that those who are sincerely interested in having us do some work for them will know how to contact us.

There are still lots of good people out there, and we want to work for all those good people, so we apologize in advance for having you follow guidelines, but we feel it extremely necessary.


We do not do business with anonymous people.

If you are considering contacting us FOR ANY REASON, we want to know who you are. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will not respond to you.

Do not call us on the telephone for your initial contact with us - unless we already know you and have your number recorded as "friendly".

We are so overwhelmed (daily) by telemarketers and telephone scam artists; we do not answer the phone unless we know who it is.

Please fill out our contract form, don't text us, don't call us - we want to know who you are.

Telephone Calls and / Texting

When our phone rings:

...we know it's a lie.

We know it's a scam artist, so we just don't answer the phone anymore, it's actually set to silent mode and kept out of view, but we check on it when we can  - to see if we recieved any legitimate calls. We don't even waste our time with texts anymore.


it all boils down to this:

Anyone can call you or text you from a "spoofed" phone number or a number that does not exist - and claim to be anyone they want to be.

Email Communication 

Our company emails are another target for scam artists.

We get fake emails all the time from "homeowners" seeking to get questions answered or inquiring about pricing details, but upon a little bit of research on our part; we find that most of these "homeowners" don't exist, or their address is an empty corn field in Nebraska, or they are our "competition", "phishing" for info. 

Fake emails are easy to create. All you need to do is to think of a name you want to be; and create the email.

Just because you recieve an email from; "Fred Rogers" with an email address of; "FredRodgers@gmail.com", doesn't mean that's who really sent that email.