How much does it Cost?

How much does it cost?

*There are no actual cost prices listed on this page or on any of our other pages.

We offer extremely high quality, or we offer extremely low get to choose which one you want.

To be honest, there is no set cost for any of the services we provide, it's all about TIME & MATERIALS.

Some projects we do are easy and quick, and they could be classified as "cheap", however, there are other projects we do that are not as easy, they take more time, they require better quality materials; these projects will cost more.

The actual cost of any service we provide is all based on how much time we think it will take for us to do the task, and then we add the cost of how much materials we think we will need to complete the task; based on the QUALITY (price) and QUANTITY of material specified. We simply multiply the amount of TIME by our RATE, and then add material costs.

Additionally, we apologize that we can not post our RATE because our competition would then know what price to come in under, nor can we post on the public internet any hint or idea of what anything would cost.

If you MUST know how much it costs to do something, contact a few painters that come out and offer free estimates - our price is very similar to their's.

(see: Free Estimates)

Basically; if you want the steak and lobster tail - it's more expensive than the lima bean soup.