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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Fence Galleries

This is our Fence Cleaning Sealing Staining Galleries.


Kenny's Fence

We cleaned and applied a solid stain

Mark's Fence

We power washed, then painted Mark's fence - all done with a brush..

Dave's Fence

Cleaned and sealed Dave's Fence.

Mr. Chan's Fence

We cleaned and sealed Mr. Chan's Fence. 

Mr. B's Cedar Fence

Cedar is a very soft wood, gotta be very careful when you clean it!

Power washing could damage it - leave this to a professional!

Over the years, I've cleaned and sealed Mr. B's Cedar fence atleast three times now - and he always calls me back.

I always make a special mixture of sealer just for him - not too dark, not too light.

Dana's Fence

Wow, this back yard fence was up hill - all the way, and steep too! But we managed clean and seal this fence!

Red Fence Sealing

Long time ago....I had this particular customer who already hired someone to seal his fence. He wasn't happy with the results they provided, so he had me come out and fix it.

As I recall, I brushed this whole thing out, just me....all alone in the hot summer sun!

Ricks Fence

I cleaned and painted Rick's Fence.

Skip's Fence

Oh my, what a huge project this was when I cleaned and sealed Skip's fence!