Emulsified Latex / Oil Sealers

Emulsified Latex / Oil Sealers

When you know what a "Latex Sealer" is, and you know what an "Oil Sealer" is; you can easily understand what an "Emulsified Latex / Oil Sealer" is - although no one really calls it this but us.

An emulsion is two liquids that ordinarily do not mix well. It is a suspension of tiny droplets of one liquid in a second liquid. You may have been taught that water and oil don't mix, but technology has made it happen. These types of sealers are extremely popular in areas where VOC laws restrict what types of sealers are available on store shelves, and most deck sealing contractors give them a thumbs up.

Basically how it works is this: You apply the sealer, the oil penetrates the lumber just enough, and then leaves a light surface film behind.

You won't really notice the surface film by applying just one coat, but it almost feels slightly waxy until it dries, and that's all you really need for this product to do it's job.


By applying a second, slightly lighter coat (after the first coat has had time to set up), it fills the remaining surface pores in the lumber and creates an almost furniture finished appearance - very beautiful, and lasts a long time.

...The only problem with doing this would be if you over applied the sealer. Too much and it acts like a latex stain; peeling, chipping, flaking.

It's always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's directions.