Drywall Northern Va

Finishing your garage or basement? Need help with drywall? Painting Inc provides drywall services in Northern Virginia.

We can hang new drywall, tape and finish. We do all kinds of drywall, including; hanging new drywall, drywall repairs, water damaged drywall, drywall mold remediation, fire damaged drywall, failing tape, peeling paint and water rings. Greenboard, normal drywall and cement board professionals.

If you're in Northern Va and need help with drywall, small or large, we are the contractors to contact!

New drywall being installed
New drywall installaitons

New drywall installations include hanging new drywall; which means; measuring and cutting the drywall; where electrical light fixtures, and boxes are going to be, where bulkheads and corners are. It includes attaching the new drywall with screws, taping the seams and corners, and installing metalic corner beads where there are outside corners.

All dryall seams, corners, attachement screws and corner beads recieve a first coat of spackle (drywall joint compound or "mud"), then a second coat to bring it out, followed by a third coat of mud to level everything even.

The last thing to do would be to sand everything uniform and bring it all together, ready for the primer and / or paints.