Deck Sealing

Deck Sealing Northern Va

Painting Inc provides expert Deck Sealing services in Northern Virginia.

We have been sealing decks for over 34 years and have sealed all types of decks, all kinds of lumber, and have used all types of different sealers.

We truly are deck sealing professionals, and no one knows deck sealing like we do!

If you live in Northern Va and you want your deck sealed the right way, and you're looking for a deck sealing contractor who takes great pride in their work, who knows what their doing, and always does a fantastic job, you need look no further.

Our deck cleaning / sealing / staining services are available through most of Northern Virginia, including; AldieAlexandriaAshburnBristowBurkeCentrevilleChantilly
About Deck Sealing

Deck Sealing is a way to beautify and protect your deck from the outdoor elements. (see: "The Facts on Deck Sealing")

Depending on the type of lumber your deck is, and the sealer type chosen, we have several different methods of applying deck sealers:

  •  Brush
  •  Brush / Roll
  •  Brush / Spray

  •  Brush / Towel off

You may have noticed that "Brush" is the theme here, and is always included in our process no matter the application method we choose to apply your sealer. BEWARE: Much of our "competition" prefer to just spray the sealer on and be done with it.

Some manufacturers specifically state on thier label only brushing their product, while other manufacturers offer several options for application, however, nearly all of them recommend using a brush for the final finishing strokes.

This deck was sealed by brush alone, per manufacturer's application directions, using a surface coating of an emulsified sealer.

The type of sealer we applied is one of the most expensive per gallon sold in speciality paint stores in Virginia, and is one of the highest quality sealers available.

...and it is one of the most difficult sealers to apply.

This sealer should last anywhere from10 to 15 years depending on how much sun and rain this deck gets.

...and yes, it will stay looking like this for the lifetime of the sealer.

Nearly indestructable once cured, but takes a long time to dry and reach that full hardness.

This is another deck sealed only by brush. 

This is a penetrating oil type sealer especially designed for this type of lumber, which is IPE (pronounced; eee pay).

Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood, and makes for an awesome looking deck that water and insects don't harm.

This particular type of sealer is brushed on in sections, allowed to set up for an amount of time, then it is wiped off using cotton towels.

The used towels are then trash, and have the ability to self combust if not stored properly.

Applying this sealer is not for the amature simply because of how complicated it can be to apply, but once done, really makes for a beautiful looking deck.

This is just a shot of the deck steps entering the house of a large deck we sealed using a latex stain (yes, "stains" are considered "sealers"- see: "What is Deck Sealer?"). 

They say some are better than others...

This deck was sealed using a combination of a roller, a sprayer, and a brush.

We applied one color on the flooring, and a different color on the side wall of the steps. The railings and balusters were PAINTED using an exterior semi-gloss paint.

There was a lot of preparation work prior to applying this sealer because the previous sealer was peeling pretty bad and we did some major sanding and spot priming before we could put this sealer on.

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