Deck Refinishing

 Deck Sanding / Refinishing

Most people don't want to spend the extra money to have their deck sanded, however, depending on how old your deck is and / or the condition of the lumber, and also depending on what type of finish will be applied, sanding may be required.

Sanding a deck befoe applying the stain or sealer makes for a beautiful finish, and it is indeed a wonderful thing to be able to scoot your bare feet on your deck and not worry about splinters.

When sanding a deck is called for, it may be minimal, or it might be a major project, although sometimes you really don't know until the deck has first been cleaned.

In most cases however, people choose not to have us sand their deck. In most cases, you can get away without sanding.

...unless of course, you want to go barefoot.

Deck Sanding / Refinishing Northern Va

Painting Inc provides deck sanding / refinishing services in Northern Va. 

Prior to contracting with us, just let us know that you want your deck sanded or refinished - this service is not included in our deck cleaning & sealing services, and is an additional charge.

Deck Sanding / Deck Refinishing
Deck Sanding
Deck Refinishing

Deck refinishing is when we sand the deck flooring and handrails down to bare, brand new smooth lumber, starting with a fresh surface, so that we can apply the correct finish.

Most often, when we refinish someone's deck, it's because the homeowner hired someone else to do their deck, and that "someone else" either applied a cheap sealer, or applied a sealer incorrectly, or applied a sealer over a different type of sealer, or just applied the wrong type of sealer altogether.

If your deck has peeling cheap solid stain, you really should consider having your deck refinished because you can't see what's under that - and it could be causing your deck to rot - and it will always continue to peel away.

The process of refinishing a deck includes lots of manual hand sanding, using several different types of electrical sanding devices, starting with a heavy grit sandpaper to strip everything off, followed by smoother sandpaper to get everything even and smooth. This can be alot of work, but when the deck is all done, the new finish will adhere properly,

...and you can go barefoot!

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