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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Deck Galleries

We clean, seal and stain decks in Northern Virginia.

Enjoy our galleries!

Mrs. T's Deck Cleaning & Sealing

This has got to be one of the driest decks we've ever sealed.

This deck sits in full sun, and it hasn't been cleaned and sealed for long time.

Not only was it very dirty, but it was sun baked and extremely dry.

After spending 4 hours just to clean it (and get it ready for sealer), we spent an additional 8 hours sealing it, along with 7 gallons of sealer; the lumber just kept drinking it up!

This project was started in 2018, but because of weather, we ended up fininishing in June of 2019.

Deck & Fence Cleaning, Lumber Replacements, Sealing

We cleaned and sealed this deck and fence, we had a few lumber replacements.

Dan's Ipe deck

We maintenance this IPE deck every spring. We Clean, then apply oil sealer.

Dave's Ipe Deck

Didn't get many pictures on this one, was too busy working.

Deck clean, lumber replacements other stuff

We cleaned and sealed this deck, we also cleaned the front stairs and siding, we replaced lumber at the garage door frames and on two corners of the house, we also replaced lumber at a bay window out back, the deck gate, and installed new handrails on the deck.

Either I failed to take the finish photographs, or I lost them.

Kenny's Deck 

We cleaned and applied a solid stain

Marc's deck

We cleaned, primed raw lumber, painted the rails, stained everything else

Composite deck cleaning

Cleaned this composite deck.

Juanita's Deck

Cleaned and stained. She had a lot of stuff on her deck, but we managed. She wanted the underside stained as well.

Amber's Deck

We cleaned and sealed Amber's front deck, we painted her rails, we also touched up her back deck that someone else failed to do properly.

Mr. B's Landscaping Timber

We cleaned and sealed Mr. B's landscaping lumber. While we were cleaning, we went ahead and cleaned other stuff we could get to.

Mrs. C's Deck

We cleaned and sealed.

Dave's Deck

Dave's deck flooring is composite. We cleaned his deck, then painted his rails. He also had us remove the lattice under his deck and paint all that lumber as well.

David's Deck

We cleaned and sealed David's deck. He originally had a semi-solid latex that was completely failing. We took it upon our own (no charge to David) to sand it down and do it right.

Davis Deck

Cleaned the deck, painted the rails white, applied stain to the decking floor.

Dede's Deck with Sikkens Cetol (the old stuff)

We cleaned and sealed Dede's deck using the old Sikkens Cetol.

Donna's Deck

We cleaned and sealed Donna's Deck.

Skip's Deck

We cleaned his composite deck, replaced rotten lumber at both steps, then we painted his rails and stair risers, and finally, installed new deck lighting.

Gabe's Deck

We cleaned and applied a solid latex stain to Gabe's Deck.

Mrs. K's Deck

We cleaned and sealed.

Mr. Chan's Deck

We cleaned and sealed Mr. Chan's Deck.

Ramp to the river

Cleaned and sealed this decking that went out to the river.

Gray Deck

Cleaned and applied a solid stain this gray deck.

Small Deck

Cleaned and sealed this small deck.

Summer Deck

Did this deck in 2010, good thing the deck sealer was already set up before their dog tracked mud on it.