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Cost Comparison

Comparing Costs

  It's pretty easy to compare costs when you're choosing between two identical things :

A bag of apples might cost $2, while a bag of oranges might be $6.

While you might be able to save $4 dollars by purchasing the bag of apples, you still haven't compared the cost between two identical things.

If you're going to compare painting contractor pricing, just make sure that you're comparing oranges with oranges, and apples with apples.

Painting Incorporated is not in competition with any college painting franchises - we are not in competition with any painting franchises.

We are not in competition with general contractors, or any contractor that advertises "we do it all", or any company that sub contracts their work out (this goes for power washing contractors as well). 

....come to think of it, we are not in competition with anyone.

Just so you are an educated consumer;

None of them are working their way through college, none of them are certified, none of them are your educated choice, and none of them are rated five stars.

...and none of them are "rated the best".

Most of them under price their projects just to stay busy, hiring unskilled, unqualified, cheap labor; or most often, sub contracting to anyone who has (or doesn't have) a license (qualified or not).

You only know of them because you see their poster signs on telephone poles, or hear their (financially backed by investors) radio advertisements.