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My Family, my "crew"

Hi, I'm Mike Thatcher,

I am a painter, I do all my own work. I hold a brush in my hand, I roll walls, I use a sprayer, I hang and fix drywall, etc....
I'm not just on the job, I do the job.

 My pet peeve is being compared to my so called "competition" - of which, most of them underprice their work and sub contract it out to illegal and undocumented workers.

Most people don't know that, so I want to get that out front and center.  

I can not compete with their low pricing.

...but they can not compete with the quality of work I provide.

I am a Master of my trade - what else would you expect?

I have lots of photographs of many projects that I've done, just me and my two sons who I have trained (see our galleries at the top of this page).

I have lots of reviews from real people with names and faces. (Reviews and a bunch more galleries on our Facebook - link at the bottom of this page)

I've been in the field of painting for over 36 years, right here in Northern Virginia.

[Not that I've been an actual business that long:

My official DPOR is 2005, MIKES PAINT & POWERWASH SERVICES, lic# 2705096680.

Official DPOR for PAINTING INC is 2010, Lic# 2705135134]. 

Over my career, I've worked for many large commercial painting companies, and many small time house painting contractors.

I specialize in beautiful interior painting, and I am very experienced with sealing decks and fences.

My advice to you: Do some indepth research on who you intend to hire.

Not all painting contractors are selling the same thing.